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Joshua 1:1-9  is a great backdrop for the encouraging word we have found in Romans 8:35 which says, “Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall trouble or hardship or persecution or famine or nakedness or danger or sword?”

I was reading a devotion thought from a young lady who wrote from East Java, Indonesia. I thought “Wow, what others have to go through. We have no idea of what that means.”

She had just returned from the market one morning when she got a message from her friends. They said that three churches in their city had been bombed.  All the churches in the city were going to cancel their services.  She said, we have to meet to pray, to read God’s word, to share a message. So they did. It was held in her friend’s house even in the midst of the chaos and confusion. They thought that even though there was a great obstruction, a great hindrance to worship they did not want anything to keep them from honoring God and worshiping His name.

As you think about that, our minds find it hard to understand what it means to live in a city where at any moment your lives, your places of worship, or your homes, could be bombed and destroyed.  We have been walking through a pandemic and find ourselves in places we have never been before. But what is it that keeps us from worship?  What is it in our lives that is the hindrance to us taking time wherever we are to honor and praise the name of God?

We are truly a blessed people. We have homes, church buildings, assembly halls, and community centers. We are a people who have been given rights to worship. At first this pandemic made us question our ability to worship. It seems some of our rights were threatened by taking away the lawful right to assemble and gather in crowds. BUT IF YOU REALLY THINK ABOUT IT…

What is it that keeps you from worshiping God? NO ONE CAN TAKE THAT AWAY FROM YOU!

We can worship God at our kitchen table, on our porch swing, sitting by a lake, or gathered in a sanctuary. GOD is not confined to space. He is not only found in the Holy of Holies. Yes, God does challenge us and ask us to assemble ourselves together. But when that is not possible CAN WE WORSHIP?  Without a doubt we can worship the LORD.

A number of you have been able to come in person to worship. Many of you have been able to join in on YouTube, or the internet to worship. But for those who are feeling the loss of being with our entire church family, stop, take time right now to lift up Holy Hands and worship God’s Great NAME.  He is worthy of all our praise!  He is to be honored and adored.

Don’t let anything keep you from worshiping the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY!


Tony Weiger

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