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God Goes With Us Through The Dark Places
Psalm 139:8 “If I ascend up into heaven, thou art there; if I make my bed in hell, behold, thou art there.”
My Dentist has had some extreme pain and problems with his spine and back. He has undergone numerous surgeries and procedures. At first, his symptoms seemed as though he had a stroke and he was paralyzed on his right side. Soon after many exams, x-rays and other test they discovered the damage that was done was to his spine.
I remember going to his office on one occasion without knowing who it was that was blocking the door with their car, getting out with a walker and then barely able to walk up two steps to get into the office. To my great surprise it was him. He was feeble, weak, in pain and barely able to get out of the car yet alone to walk up two steps into his office. I said to myself what is he doing and why is he here?
When I got inside, I asked the receptionist a number of questions. Why is he here? What is going on with him? Is he even able to work? All questions that I had thought relevant until the end of my appointment. I was having my teeth cleaned so the hygienist had completed her part and was ready for the doctor to do a final check. He came in barely moving with a walker. And one of the first things he said to me was, THANK the LORD for being with me.
He said, I am a miracle walking. I have been on my back for weeks without the ability to walk. I have not only been able to walk, but God has blessed me with the ability to work a few days a week. I am getting stronger week by week.
I saw him again six months later and it is amazing how he is doing. No wheelchair, no walker, no cane to aid him with balance issues. He said it has been by the grace of God that he is walking, he is working, he is able to do things six months ago he only dreamed of doing. I thanked the Lord with him in his office and told him that I was continuing to pray for him. With great gratitude he thanked me and said God has seen him through some dark, difficult days and every day it is getting better and better.
Trust the Lord. We don’t know what we will have to face today or tomorrow but it is amazing to know that GOD will be there. He will be with us if we make our bed in hell, and He will be with us when we ascend and rejoice in Heaven.
Trust Him! Don’t quit, don’t give up, don’t stop praying.
Tony Weiger
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