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Has America Changed Their God?

Jeremiah 2:28, 32 “For you have as many gods as you have towns. O Judah… Does a maiden forget her jewelry, a bride her wedding ornaments? Yet my people have forgotten me”.

America and the West are showing signs characteristic to pre-exilic Judah. One by one, the Western countries are turning away from God. Most churches in Western Europe are empty. Many of these countries have become not only non-Christian but in many areas actually anti-Christian.

Is America following suit? We are seeing people who change the word of God to suit their opinions and morality. We are seeing many people who love to make worship a secularization of many forms of gods, many forms of worship, and a flooding of paganistic ideals and extremes.

There is a tolerance for evil, acceptance for rioting, praise for rebellion against law-enforcement, and rejoicing over sanctuary cities that harbor criminals. People proclaim doctrine and beliefs contrary to Christian truths. Such as, “We can have unity if you agree with my ideology.” “All isms and religions are equal and none are superior to the other.” “We can have peace when you accept my position, my lifestyle and my agenda.”

Having said all of this, are we being “judgmental” or “self-righteous”? No, absolutely not! These are only a few of the dark schemes that are leading people away from God. They are well planned, well financed, and well lawyered.

Don’t allow Satan, the devil, the evil one, to steal what God has given us. Don’t allow hate, violence, rebellion, and sinfulness replace Godliness. Don’t allow people with no heart for God be the leaders of thought in a world that is lost, dying and standing in judgment of God. Pray that God will return America to back to the Christian foundation for which it has been formed. Pray that America will embrace Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. Pray that we will return to God and Him alone that we might exalt His name.

Pastor Tony

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