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What Does It Mean To Receive Divine Authority?
Just a few days ago, many of you as I got to watch the College 2020 playoffs. We saw Alabama dominate in the first half against Notre Dame and go on to win the game. And then many of us watched the Clemson, Ohio State game. I must admit I did not believe that Ohio State deserved a spot in the playoffs having only played six games.
However, they showed all who watched that they definitely were better than Clemson. With the loss to Clemson in the finals last year by only three points they had renewed passion and vision. Ohio State surprised a lot of people with their domination on the field. They basically declared ownership over the game and they claimed ownership of the space on which the game was played.
The word of God tells us that each of us has been given a sphere of influence that belongs to us for the purpose of owning and exercising dominion (Gen. 1:28).
What do I mean? God has given every man an area of influence, whether it is with his family, at work, in his personal life or with friends. We have a God-given privilege to use Gods promises and His mission as our mandate for life. Sound confusing… let me be a little more specific.
God is calling each of us to realize the authority He has given us from heaven to accomplish his purpose.
God calls us to reach high to heaven and to touch low on earth and implement His purpose and plan for our lives.
God wants us to carry the ball, but we must make sure that we go the direction He wants us to go.
God works out things in the spiritual before He reveals them to us in the physical.
God has given us every necessary tools to accomplish His purposes.
God gives us weapons, armor, and shelter for every battle, every conflict, every trouble we find ourselves in. The battle is the Lord’s.
God wants us to dominate not because of who we are but only because of who He is.
God is calling us to commitment, to integrity, to persistence, and to steadfastness. He calls us to claim victory in the race.
God calls us to keep on going, don’t quit, don’t stop, but endure the long hard path ahead.
Every one of those statements helps us to understand the Divine Authority that we live under as Christians. Use them for inspiration, for encouragement and fuel to keep on keeping on.
Others may look at us and think that we have no hope. They may see us as not being fit for the race. They may think that all of this is nonsense. They may believe that we don’t belong, we are not properly trained, we do not deserve our place. It is not left up to the world to decide our place. God has already given us a place. He has already called us to be a part of His team.
The psalmist David wrote, “God has spoken once, twice have I heard this that power belongs to God.” Ps 62:11
While Jesus was in the temple, the chief priests and elders came to Him wanting to know by what authority He did these things, and who had given this authority. Matt. 21:23-27 Though Jesus refused to answer their question, He revealed the answer to His disciples when He said, “All power is given to me in heaven and in earth.” Matt. 28:18
Others will ask us by what authority do we continue to do what we do? Who gives us the right to do what we do? Remember that our divine authority is given to us from God Himself. He wants us to carry out His desires, and to be His glory.
Don’t think of yourself any less than what God has already decided. You are a child of GOD! Let 2021 be a year of fulfilling God’s purpose in your life!
Blessings, Pastor Tony
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