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The 2020 football season has been crazy! An article written Dec 7th kind of tells the story. Chargers coach Anthony Lynn summed up the ugliness after a 45-0 no-show against New England.
“That was one of the worst football games I’ve ever been a part of in my 30 years in the National Football League as a player and a coach. That was unacceptable and embarrassing,” Lynn said.
“Sort of what America has seen from far too many teams, all of which deserved a pass because of the way the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted, well, everything. Start with the Jaguars, who deserve credit for extending to the limit many opponents, all of whom are better than they are. Yet every week — including the overtime defeat at Minnesota in which they blew a lead, made an impressive comeback, then committed the game-losing mistakes in OT — things go wrong. Jacksonville is 1-11, all of the losses coming since an opening victory.”
Covid has been the reason a lot of people have given up, have said what’s the use, have withdrawn, have thrown in the towel so to speak. Many have seemed to quit mid-stream and have given up on dreams, relationships, growing in Christ, mentoring, and living with a purpose.
Dr. Tony Evans made a statement that is so true to this article and to life’s journey…”Worse than leaving the fields and going up into the stands, men have decided to become spectators so that somebody else can solve the problem.”
Dr. Evans closes his thoughts with a great prayer. It is a word of encouragement and challenge that I want to give to you right now.
“Father, make us men who hold nothing back. Let us leave our all on the field of our pursuits for Your kingdom. We want to trust You fully, follow You completely, and watch You gain victories in our lives. Put us in the game and let us live out the entirety of Your purposes for us. In Christ’s name, amen.”
Will you take a seat in the stands? Will you become a spectator and only hope that someone else will fix all the problems?
Help us Lord, to walk where you want us to walk. Help us Lord to do what you want us to do. Help us Lord to be living examples of the grace and glory of our Lord.
Pastor Tony
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