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Once again, we come down to the final weeks of the NFL season. And it won’t be long that teams will decide which coaches they’ll keep and which ones have to clean out their offices. Every year owners send coaches packing. Not because they have dropped a pass or missed a field goal. Not because a coach threw a bad pass to one of his receivers. Not because he was a poor lineman and had no sacks for the year.

The coaches are hired and fired because of their leadership. They are asked not to excel on the field but to excel from the sidelines. They are given a mandate to empower, fire up, motivate and embolden players to excel beyond their own ability. Coaches are told that players have an expectation of play to perform in a way that meets that expectation. And if players are not fulling that function and not achieving the way an owner thinks they should achieve, then the coach is let go.

Have you ever thought about what that means? How can a coach be responsible for how a player plays? How can a coach be responsible for the expectations of individuals who don’t care, who give up, who don’t try?

God has called every one of us to be coaches. He has called us to encourage, to empower, to rally others to be strong believers. But God does not fire us and He does not let us go. He does make us accountable to the larger body of Christ. To be a part of Christ’s body, a part of His team each of us must work together to achieve God’s purpose and plans.

To be a part of the team we just follow His word. To be a part of the team we must exalt Christ in all we do. To be a part of the team it means that we are committed, we are surrendered, and we are living with integrity.

I wonder while God looks from above, what are others saying about the coaching job we are doing on the earth.

Pastor Tony
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