Mentoring Program

The Mentor Program is a new ministry at Riverchase Community Church. This program was created by two members who began a personal relationship. The student had desired for years to have someone who would provide wise counsel and guidance in life choices. God answered the student’s prayer and provided the person who would become the mentor. Once the relationship was established, the two of them felt it was important to help other church members to create such a connection. They realized that many youth and young adults needed the same help in their lives, and God placed a desire in their hearts to help guide them in connecting with someone who would fill the role of mentor.

The emphasis for this ministry is on helping youth and young adult students find someone who is older and wiser to be their counselor and friend. Proverbs 22:17 provided the spiritual guidance, “Pay attention and turn your ear to the sayings of the wise; apply your heart to what I teach”. We recognize the need for young people to have wise counsel, but also for the elders to invest in our younger members. We encourage all elders and young adults to pray about with whom they should be paired. Once they are paired, they set the pace of the relationship. A mentor is someone who invests in another as a lifelong friend, being committed to their success. Therefore, the main focus is on creating a relationship that is understandably confidential and trustworthy. The two decide for themselves how often they want to meet with one another and allow the friendship to develop. It often leads to discipleship where the mentor and mentee meet regularly to study God’s Word.