Growth Groups


There are a number of adult classes that are offered at Riverchase Community Church. These are led by inspired teachers and cover many topics. Sunday School meets at 11:00 am, following our Worship Celebration.

We teach the Bible and always use it as the basis of our lessons. In addition, we use various quarterlies and teaching tools to help us apply the Bible to life.

Though each class has an age that it is designed for, those ages are very flexible and we want each person to find the class in which they are most comfortable.

J.O.Y. (Jesus, Others, Yourself)

Teacher: Wayne Moore

Room 130

This class is for senior adults. The curriculum is Bible-based International Lessons using the Church of God quarterly. In a family atmosphere of love and concern, the class works to meet many needs through foreign missions projects, community ministries projects, and ongoing support of persons within the RCC congregation.


Teacher: Harry Brown

Room 222

This class comes together each week to discuss faith, growing in faith, better understanding our faith, living out the Christian faith, and how to more effectively communicate our faith to others. The class is organized around a selected book chosen by the class which provides the basis for discussion and reflection. Since we value diversity and thoughtful discussion, we welcome all ages, including those who are long time Christians as well as those who are seekers.


Teacher: Maxie Walls

Room 127 – 128

This class includes adults of varying ages who discuss books focusing on Christian growth and lifestyle. The current study is Fruit of the Spirit. Social gatherings each quarter promote individual an family fellowship. The members of this class give generously to RCC projects and to local community ministries. Currently studying Fruit of the Spirit. 



Teachers: Charlene and Chuck Burk

Room 221

This class is comprised of young married couples. The format is relaxed teaching that includes much discussion and laughter. Topics of recent studies have included keeping priorities, parenting, the Christian family, and Bible Essentials 100. Currently the class is involved in a study of the book Walmart, Jesus and You by Joey Rich. The class members support projects to meet needs within the congregation as well as the community.

Walmart, Jesus and You


Teacher: Debbie Weiger

Room 223

Worship. Oneness. Witness. WOW!  The College-age and above class, formally known as WOW, welcomes all high school graduates, whether attending college or not, to Sunday mornings digging deep into God’s Word. Our current study deals with the basic doctrines of The Faith: what we believe, why we believe it, and why it matters. Each Sunday, this class enjoys food for the body and good food for the soul. Currently studying Not a Fan by Kyle Idleman.

Not a fan


Teacher: Tori McCain

Room: The Youth Suite upstairs

This class is made up of students in middle school and high school. Bible study and lifestyle application take place in a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere. This class attends Alabama State Youth Convention each year and International Youth Convention every other Year. Currently studying Not a Fan by Kyle Idleman.

Not a fan