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RCC provides a ministry to the community by offering hands-on learning, academic programming, and socialization in a Christian environment. Teachers have been trained to meet the developmental needs of young children. Staff has also been certified in CPR and first aid.

All children will have their individual needs met within a loving and nurturing environment, with age appropriate activities. The older children use a theme based Christian curriculum, plus a curriculum for teaching the academic basics. Daily activities include play centers, story time, circle time and learning centers. Chapel is held once a week. Bible lessons are taught daily.

Watch some fun videos of curriculum and assembly HERE.

Our center is open from 7:00am – 5:30pm. We offer Preschool and Daycare during those hours. We do offer summer programs.

For all questions email Brandi Norris at preschool@riverchase.cc or call 205-988-8515.

A schedule of fees and registration forms are available in the Documents and Forms section of this page. Feel free to email us with any questions at preschool@riverchase.cc.



You can now make payments to the Preschool Online using Venmo!

Follow the Venmo Link above to get started. For each transaction, please mention in the memo portion the monies are for a Preschool account and indicate where to allocate your payment, i.e., Tuition, Registration, Supplies, or Other.  Thank you! Please call Brandi Norris with any questions.


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