Stretching and Growing

Stretching and Growing

Stretching and Growing is a discipleship series for those who want to grow in their understanding of God, His word, and how we as individuals are able to live out our faith in a difficult world.

Discipleship 101 Book One covers some of the basic teachings of our faith. In these lessons you will discover the basics of our Christian walk. How do you pray? Are devotions helpful to my growth as a believer? Am I really saved? Who is the Holy Spirit and what is His purpose in my life? What are the ordinances that Jesus taught.

Discipleship 102 Book Two goes a little deeper and gives us some key principles as we live out our Christian faith. How do I become a member of God’s church? How do I know that I am really saved? When temptation comes, what should I do? I want my life to be led by God so how can I accomplish that? This book teaches us how to make good choices and right decisions based on God’s word.

These lessons are designed so that you can do them at whatever pace that you desire. Please use them for your study, your growth, and your personal fulfillment as you learn how to draw closer to God.

Discipleship 101  Book One      Please contact Pastor Tony for this information

Discipleship 101 Book Two      Please contact Pastor Tony for this information