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Last week we talked about Psalm 23:1  It said, “The Lord is my Shepherd.” That is a powerful verse that we can claim as our own.

Verse 2 says “He makes me to lie down in green pastures; He leads me beside the still waters.”

I was reading the other day of Pastor Vander Lan who was leading a group of people on a hike through Jerusalem’s sparse countryside.  He was talking about this scripture and pointed to a narrow dirt path crossing the hillside.  The path is where shepherds lead sheep from one side of the hill to the other.

The dictionary defines a pasture like most of us would imagine: lush green grass for the feeding and grazing of animals; land or a plot of land used for feeding.  We basically think of a pasture as a beautiful, serene meadow.  We also like to think that what the Bible is saying when it refers to green pastures means that God is going to supply all our needs in amazing wonderful abundance. Is that really what David was saying?

The land where shepherds led their sheep in Palestine was much different than our western culture definition.  The areas around Jerusalem, the hillsides were mainly dirt and sand. In some places there were a number of rocks and boulders. And yes there were some sprigs of grass popping up here and there along the hillside.

After it rains, those sprigs of grass seemed to jump up out of the ground. The sheep are led along those dirt paths. The sprigs on that hillside are spaced just far enough apart so the sheep can reach out into the middle of a crevice or ditch to get a mouthful.

It’s not a lot of grass. Just little sprigs. But it’s enough to take a bite then walk a little farther and take another bite. The shepherd leads the sheep to make sure that what they have is enough for today’s meal.

That is often how God shepherds us. He doesn’t lead us to lush green cattle pastures full of abundance of grass.  God will often led us along the right path, through sprigs of life giving us just enough for today.  Tomorrow, he leads us along another path to supply our daily need.

Every day his grace is sufficient.  Every day he supplies all my needs. Every day he is leading me to green pastures.  Every day we are blessed because he leads us to be filled.

Father bless my steps to walk in the path where you lead. Lord let me be thankful for every sprig of life you set in my path. Thank you that you supply all my needs.


 Tony Weiger

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