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About this event:

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I’m so glad you are interested in joining our gathering by Zoom Bible Study on the 7 Feasts!

It is a wonderful, in-depth look at how the sacred celebrations of Israel in the Old Testament reveal the beauty of Jesus Christ and God’s redemption plan. It’s all there! Here’s what you need to join in:

· The Zoom App on your phone, tablet or computer. I will send you the meeting ID information the week before March 6th. Zoom is pretty easy to use but if you need help, just ask!

· I highly recommend the Bible study workbook, “7 Feasts”. There are 8 weeks of study with 5 “lessons” per week. You won’t be required to finish these each week, but you will sure be selling yourself short not to! The workbooks are $15 each, or $11.25 (plus shipping) from Revive Our Hearts. (They are also available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.) Here is a link to purchase your workbook: https://store.reviveourhearts.com/products/7-feasts?_pos=2&_sid=7862f7eaf&_ss=r

· I also recommend listening to the podcast, “The Deep Well” by the study’s author, Erin Davis. All eight of the podcasts that correspond to the study are available and you can binge-listen or listen to them individually as we go through the study. Here’s the link: https://www.reviveourhearts.com/resource-library/episodes/p/The%20Deep%20Well%20with%20Erin%20Davis/date/2021/

· A Bible and a good pen · The fellowship of other women – which we will enjoy together on Saturday mornings! (Yes, you can come in your pj’s with your cup of coffee or hot tea!

If you have more questions, please, just ask!

Debbie Weiger

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7 Feasts: Finding Christ in the Sacred Celebrations of the Old Testament


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